• A President Who's Well-Liked Falls Well Short On Execution

    President Obama faces head winds from independents, an important voting bloc for re-election in 2012. Many of them think well of him personally, but they are disenchanted. They don't like his policies, and they see him as inexperienced.

  • Investor Class Holding Steady

    Despite a sharp decline in investor optimism in the recent months, the size of the investor class holds steady. We define households with $10K+ in the stock market to be members of the investor class. 

  • Consumer Confidence Recovers From Historic Low

    LOS ANGELES (September 13, 2011) — The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index improved by 4.1 points, or 11.5%, in September posting 39.9 vs. 35.8 in August. Last month, the index had crashed to its historic low of 35.8. The index is 4.3 points below its 12-month average of 44.2 and 4.5 points below its reading of 44.4 in December 2007 when the economy entered into the recession, and 10.3 points

  • IBD/TIPP Poll: 50% Want 'Someone New' As President

    While President Obama tries to sell his latest jobs package, half of Americans believe that a better solution would be another president, according to the latest IBD/TIPP poll released Monday.

  • Even Dems Lose Faith In Obama's Economics

    In a portentous development for President Obama's favorability, the bottom has fallen out of the base of support that has kept his overall ratings buoyant throughout his term.

  • Confidence Crashes Through Lows Set In 2008 Meltdown

    The economy has weakened dramatically in recent weeks and may have slipped back into recession, data from a new IBD/TIPP Poll suggest.

  • US Consumer Confidence Crashes Elevating Recession Risk

    LOS ANGELES (August 5, 2011) — The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index declined by 5.6 points, or 13.5%, to a historic low in August posting 35.8 vs. 41.4 in July. IBD/TIPP began tracking in February 2001. The index is 8.8 points below its 12-month average of 44.6 and 8.6 points below its reading of 44.4 in December 2007 when the economy entered into the recession, and 14.4 points below its

  • Who won the debt-ceiling standoff? No one, poll suggests.

    While the debt-ceiling standoff could motivate the bases of both parties, a new Monitor/TIPP poll shows that everyone involved lost points with the public.

  • Public Says Debt Plan Doesn't Go Far Enough

    As if anticipating Thursday's news that U.S. debt now exceeds the size of the economy, two-thirds of Americans say the debt-ceiling deal reached by Congress on Monday "doesn't go far enough," according to results of an IBD/TIPP Poll in progress.

  • Space shuttle program ends: Were Americans sad to see it go?

    Americans opinions about the future of US human spaceflight program appear to be as ambivalent and conflicting as the opinions that now vex the space community itself.



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