• Consumer Confidence Declines in August – the Third Month in a Row As Americans Lose Confidence in Government’s Economic Policies

    LOS ANGELES (August 10, 2010) — The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index decreased 1.1 points, or 2.5%, in August posting 43.6 vs. 44.7 in July. This month's reading puts the index at its 12-month low. The index is 3.8 points below its 12-month average of 47.4 and 0.8 points below its reading of 44.4 in December 2007 when the economy entered into the recession, and 7.2 points below its all-time

  • Afghanistan war: Stay until job is done, say majority of Americans

    A TIPP/Monitor poll finds that a majority of Americans say the Afghanistan war is still important but lacks clarity about the goal. Last month's WikiLeaks episode didn't change their views.

  • IBD/TIPP Poll: President Obama Hits New Low; Voters Increasingly Favor GOP Congress

    As job creation sputters, President Obama's support is falling to new lows and voters are increasingly favoring a Republican-led Congress, according to the August IBD/TIPP poll released Monday.

  • American Citizenship Is Not A Birthright

    Immigration: The 14th Amendment was written to guarantee citizenship for freed slaves. It's been misinterpreted to give citizenship to children of illegal aliens. Now some GOP leaders want to restore its original meaning.

  • Missouri voters could rebel against Obama's health-care reform law

    The first chance for voters to weigh-in on Obama health-care reform comes Tuesday, as Missourians decide whether to ban the 'individual mandate' requiring those without medical insurance to buy it.

  • Consumer confidence: Americans pessimistic, economists aren't

    What does a recent dive in consumer confidence about the economy mean – that America is just in a rough patch or something worse, like a new recession or "lost decade" ahead?

  • Liberal Tax Revolt Game-Changer?

    The liberal tax revolt, as The Wall Street Journal is calling it, is a very important topic -- especially for investors and small-business entrepreneurs. And for new jobs.

    The so-called revolt is comprised of three Democratic senators: Kent Conrad, Evan Bayh and Ben Nelson. They want to extend all the George W. Bush tax cuts. That includes taxes on the wealthy, or the top personal

  • When It Comes To The Economy, Washington Isn't Feeling Your Pain

    Most Americans feel Washington has become a Land of Oz — completely out of touch with public pain, almost to the point of denial. Our politicians are akin to Nero who fiddled while Rome burned.

  • Arizona immigration law 101: seven lawsuits, and counting

    A federal judge on Thursday hears two lawsuits challenging the tough Arizona immigration law, including the one filed by the Obama administration. Here's a look at the law and the seven cases against it.

  • Ignoring Reality While Killing the Economy

    The powers in Washington, D.C. seem to be living in a parallel universe from the one the rest of the nation occupies. Even worse is the way the Obama White House and Democrat controlled Congress appear to be hell-bent on destroying the economy before they can be voted out of office.




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