• Afghan Plan Strewn With Doubts

    A whopping 70% of Americans - including 52% of Democrats as well as 88% of Republicans and 73% of Independents - think the Obama administration does not have a clear plan for Afghanistan, according to the latest IBD/TIPP Poll.

  • Don't Punish Those Who Protect Us

    War On Terror: Americans strongly oppose prosecuting U.S. officials who got tough with detainees to get information about future terror plots. We should be at war with terrorists, not the heroes saving us from them.
  • A Sure Way To Cut Medical Costs

    Health Care: Congress is ready to spend a lot of other people's money on its idea of reform. Yet one sure way to bring down costs is being ignored, and that says a lot about the Democrats' effort.
  • Feeling Their Pain

    Health Care: We took a lot of heat last month for a poll showing doctors overwhelmingly oppose Congress' proposed health care overhaul. Now, our latest poll shows average folks have no trouble understanding this.
  • Those White Coats In The Rose Garden

    Politics: The administration stages a photo-op with handpicked doctors who support its health care reform. Fortunately, most doctors still believe that the first rule of medicine is to do no harm.

  • Doctors Verbatim On Health Care Reform

    In this final installment of our eight-part series on how doctors feel about health care reform, we pass on the reasons given for supporting or opposing the government's plans.

  • Why doctors hate BamCare

    TWO-thirds of doctors "oppose the proposed health-care plan," reports an Investors Business Daily/TIPP poll. Almost half would "consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement" if "Congress passes its health-care plan." Many of my colleagues feel like we're already struggling -- nor are we prepared to take care of tens of millions more patients.

  • Doctors' Best Medical Cost-Cutting Ideas: Tort Reform, Tort Reform And Tort Reform

    Nearly half of doctors say tort reform is key to getting U.S. health care costs under control, according to the IBD/TIPP Poll on which this series is based.

  • Doctors See Fewer Entering Profession, Further Clouding Supply-Demand Picture

    Readers alarmed to learn in the first part of this series that nearly half of doctors would consider quitting if the government's health care overhaul goes through won't find much solace in another finding - that most of them also expect fewer people to go into their profession.

  • Will Reform Thwart Drug Development? Three Of Five Physicians Think It Might

    Doctors believe that health care reforms proposed so far will hamper drug innovation and new medical technology, eroding America's lead in providing high-quality, life-extending medicine.



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