Half of Americans Back U.S. Ground Forces Vs. IS

Despite fresh memories of year after bloody year in Iraq and Afghanistan, 50% of Americans support sending U.S. ground troops into Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic State as the terrorist group continues to attract recruits, hold vast territory and expand its atrocities. Add a comment


Poll: 65% Of Dems Want Muslims To Speak Out More Against Terror

Islamic Terror: If you're wondering why Muslims don't speak out more against violence committed in the name of their religion, you're not alone. A new national poll finds 74% of Americans agree Muslims need to be more vocal against terror. Add a comment


68% Say Obama Has No Clear Islamic State Strategy

Amid growing concerns about the White House routinely meddling in military tactics, a new IBD/TIPP Poll finds big majorities unconvinced that President Obama has a clear plan to fight the Islamic State or that the coalition is winning against the Mideast's frightening new extremist entity. Add a comment


Airstrikes Alone Simply Will Not Defeat Islamic State

Americans revile war, but we also have a history of refusing to hide from reality. It is clear that U.S. airstrikes will never defeat the IS monster created by our Iraq withdrawal. Add a comment


Iraq crisis: Republicans see ISIS as threat to America, Dems not as much

Americans may agree with President Obama when he says he won’t send large numbers of US troops to Syria or Iraq, but they don’t see much else to like in the president’s response to advancing Islamist extremists in the two Middle Eastern countries.

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