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Opinion: "Raw feelings over health care law have eased, poll suggests," shouts an Associated Press headline that ran last weekend, just days before Congress was set to vote. Really? Our poll suggests just the opposite.


A recent AP poll conducted by Germany-based GfK found that "strong opposition to the law stands at 30%, close to the lowest level" since September 2009.

"The nation is divided over the law, but the strength and intensity of the opposition appear diminished," AP reported.

We're not sure about their survey, but our own IBD/TIPP Poll found the opposite: a strong desire among most Americans to repeal or defund ObamaCare.

As the chart shows, just over half of the 973 Americans we queried said it should be a "high priority" or "very high priority" to defang the innocuously titled Public Protection And Affordable Care Act. While nearly half of independents and 80% of Republicans felt strongly about this, even 30% of Democrats said it should be repealed or defunded.

It's true that Wednesday's expected House vote to get rid of ObamaCare might not survive in the Senate. Still, it's important that lawmakers — Democrat and Republican alike — who opposed the reform while campaigning last fall live up to their word and try to kill it.

p1-17-11As we see it, public opinion remains squarely behind a reversal of ObamaCare. This isn't as radical as the elite media suggest: After all, 27 states want ObamaCare declared unconstitutional. And average Americans don't want the same people who brought them the dysfunctional postal service to take over their health care.

America spends roughly $2.6 trillion each year on health care, some 17% of GDP. Congress' passage of health "reform" last year does nothing to cut those costs, but plenty to lower the quality of care and stifle innovation. It's not real reform, just a Trojan horse to nationalization of health care.

Our poll suggests that Congress better do something about this monstrosity. After all, voters have the upper hand — they can always elect a new Congress.


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