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The administration is crowing that 7 million people filled out applications for ObamaCare plans — the original enrollment target that once seemed impossible to hit. Don't pop the champagne bottles just yet.


Given the news about surging enrollment and rising poll numbers, maybe Nancy Pelosi was right that Democrats will all benefit in the fall from ObamaCare. Except that once you strip out the hyperbole, little remains to celebrate.

Seven million enrollees? That figure fails to discount those who haven't paid their premiums. Among the eight states releasing this number, about one in five "enrollees," on average, haven't paid. If that's true nationwide, then only 5.6 million actually will have enrolled in ObamaCare.

Helping the uninsured? The CBO expected at least two-thirds of exchange enrollees to come from the ranks of the uninsured. But at best, only a third did so. That alone is a major failure. And nobody knows how many of these will pay their premiums.

Support is surging? Hardly. The ABC News/Washington Post poll that ObamaCare backers are touting simply shows Democrats rallying behind the law. Republicans and Independents are more opposed than they were in January.

The latest IBD/TIPP poll shows that 51% oppose the law, and just 40% approve of it. More than half of independents want it repealed.

Meanwhile, other major ObamaCare problems still lie ahead.

Millions of enrollees are discovering they have insurance in name only, since they can't access their doctors or hospitals without paying a fortune. That will continue to undermine support for the law.

Then there are the millions who lost affordable health plans they liked, despite the endless promises from Obama and other Democrats. That's a betrayal they're not likely to forget.

The insurance industry is also warning that Obama-Care premiums could double next year in several markets, thanks to the combination of mandates, regulations and not enough young people signing up.

Businesses, meanwhile, still haven't confronted the full costs of ObamaCare, thanks to Obama's unilateral — and likely illegal — delays of the employer mandate. They will, soon enough.

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