Three in five Americans say the tens of thousands of minors who have crossed the border "should be ordered to leave the U.S." What about that do the Congress and president not understand?

The latest IBD/TIPP Poll, conducted June 24 to 29, asked those Americans who are following the story what to do about the influx of unaccompanied minors. Those saying that the government should order them to leave totaled 60%.

Breaking that sizeable majority down, 64% of independents wanted the minors sent home, as did 40% of Democrats and 80% of Republicans. There were 879 Americans surveyed in all.

Those who think the children "should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and eventually become citizens" totaled just 28%. Forty-six percent of Democrats thought they should stay and move toward citizenship; so did 24% of independents and 14% of Republicans.

Ten percent of all people polled weren't sure.

The findings reflect a widespread recognition that the border is undergoing an unprecedented crisis as our immigration system fails to function as intended under the law.

But can we do something about it? Sure, says Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. Instead of throwing $3.7 billion in emergency funds at the problem, as President Obama wants, the government could "buy a plane ticket, put them up in a hotel room, get them some good meals" and spend only about "$1,000 per child," or roughly $57 million.

Many Democrats blame the crisis on the bipartisan 2008 anti-human trafficking law under which children cannot be sent back immediately but must be held by the HHS Department.

But what about the "Year of Action" that the White House website has touted in recent days, as the president accuses congressional Republicans of inaction? How about the president trying to get that law changed so the children can be returned?

With the United Nations seeking refugee status for these minor illegals, the U.S. should force their governments to pay for their return. If those who paid criminals a fortune to smuggle their children into the U.S. suddenly realized that their money was being wasted, the human flood would stop instantly.

This is not a "complex problem" with "no easy, simple solution," as our politicized State Department claims. But the simple solution requires leadership, something lacking on immigration for many years.

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