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Airstrikes Alone Simply Will Not Defeat Islamic State

Americans revile war, but we also have a history of refusing to hide from reality. It is clear that U.S. airstrikes will never defeat the IS monster created by our Iraq withdrawal.

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Iraq crisis: Republicans see ISIS as threat to America, Dems not as much

Americans may agree with President Obama when he says he won’t send large numbers of US troops to Syria or Iraq, but they don’t see much else to like in the president’s response to advancing Islamist extremists in the two Middle Eastern countries.

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War-weary Americans wary of US attacking Syria

For months, polls have shown that most Americans do not favor US military involvement in Syria’s civil war. Even with news of last week’s chemical attack – presumably by the Assad regime – that killed hundreds of civilians, the percentage of those favoring an aggressive US response increases only slightly, according to the most recent survey.

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Syria war drumbeat builds, but where is it leading?

Pundits from John Bolton to Nick Kristof are issuing calls to arms. But there's little regard for national interest, or the law of unintended consequences, in the urgings to act now.

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