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Let’s start with the obvious:

Of course Donald Trump’s talk about busing illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is a political stunt, designed to heartlessly exploit the issue for his political gain.

And of course pro-sanctuary liberals like Sen. Ed Markey are shameless hypocrites for opposing it, despite their many public claims that illegal immigrants deserve to be treated like legal ones.

Here’s the real question I have for Democrats — particularly the ones who want to beat Trump in 2020:

Did you flunk out of fifth grade math? Seriously — what the heck?

Let me make this easy for our friends on the left side of the aisle: Americans hate sanctuary city policies. When you fight Trump by defending them, you’re supporting a policy that, depending on the poll, between 65 to 80 percent of Americans hate.

According to an IBD/TIPP Poll last summer, even Hispanics hate it by a 20-point margin.

And yet there’s bonehead Beto O’Rourke (seriously, who told us this Millennial Muppet was smart?) not only supporting sanctuary cities but announcing he wants the existing border fencing we have now taken down. There’s no available polling data on the question — because, quite frankly, what pollster would be dumb enough to ask it — but given that a recent Harris poll showed nearly 70 percent of Americans supporting more fencing in high-crime border areas, it’s not likely an Election Day winner.

And Beto is just the tip of the Democrats’ stupidity spear. Virtually the entire 2020 slate of candidates is waging war on behalf of a wildly unpopular policy. Our local POTUS wannabe, Elizabeth Warren, demonstrated yet again how she’s gone from “Progressive Front-Runner” to “Potential Pete Buttigieg Running Mate” by attacking Trump on the sanctuary issue, a cause she’s championed for years.

And it’s not just sanctuary cities. Nearly all of the 2020 candidates have announced some level of support for slavery reparation. The American people? Around 70 percent say “no.”

The Green New Deal, for good or ill, involves higher utility costs to fight the scourge of global warming.  But 68 percent of Americans say they’re unwilling to pay even $10 more per month to make it happen.

And you can’t have the Democrats’ “Medicare For All” without “private health insurance for none.” What percentage of voters are ready to give up their personal policies?  A whopping 17 percent. More than 80 percent say no.

See a pattern here?  Never Trumper Bill Kristol does.

“There’s a danger for the Democrats that the whole becomes bigger than the sum of its parts,” he told the Boston Herald yesterday. “It’s not just ‘let’s dump the Electoral College’ or ‘let’s have sanctuary cities.’ You reach a point where voters start thinking, ‘Wow, these people just going way out there on everything.’”

“I saw it happen in 1972 with McGovern,” Kristol said. “If you recall, he didn’t do too well.”

And if you don’t recall, Nixon won every single state … except Massachusetts.

But, hey — maybe Democrats are right about sanctuary cities and the Green New Deal. Maybe it is time to abandon free markets for the sake of a Sanders-style economic socialism.  And maybe defending Rep. Ilhan Omar over her description of 9/11 as “some people did something” is, on some metaphysical level, morally right.

Or you could just be defending an anti-Semitic dope who said something dumb about the worst terrorist act ever committed on American soil, someone who makes your entire party look worse by embracing her.

Only time will tell. That is, if you’re a Democratic presidential contender. The rest of us can tell today, right now, by looking at the polls.

It’s that whole “math” thing again. Democrats may want to give it a try. Or they can continue their bruising political battle to become the next president of Massachusetts.

Please click here to read the original article in the Boston Herald.

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