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Investor’s Business Daily reports, “President Donald Trump’s job approval rating fell to 39% in the September IBD/TIPP Poll, matching February’s reading for the lowest in a year. The erosion in the Trump approval rating comes as Americans registered greater disapproval of the escalating China trade war.”

Even before we see signs of a trade-war-induced recession, Trump gets lower marks on the economy, and his trade policy gets panned. “Trump’s net approval rating on his handling of the economy shrank to +7 points (46% approve; 39% disapprove). That’s down from +10 points in August (46%-36%) and +15 points in July (48%-33%),” the pollsters found. “Over the same time, views of Trump’s handling of trade with China have gone from neutral to increasingly negative. Trump’s net approval went from flat in July (42%-42%) to -4 points in August (40% approval; 44% disapproval) to -10 points in September (39%-49%).”

Please click here to read the entire article in The Washington Post.

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