In another sign of President Obama's deteriorating public support, more than half of Americans now say that he is failing as president, the latest IBD/TIPP poll finds.

The poll, which ended Friday, found that 53% characterize Obama's presidency as a failure vs. 41% who rate it a success. Just 6% say that they aren't sure.

Obama's standing among independents is even worse, with 58% calling his presidency is a failure. Half of those who live in states that voted for Obama say that his presidency is failing.

Broken down by age, only those age 18-24 say that Obama has been a success (77% of this group believes that). His worst showing is among those 25-44, of whom 59% describe his presidency as failing.

Another striking contrast: Most single women (54%) judge his presidency a success, but only 32% of married women do.

These findings come after months of scandals, domestic and international crises, continued economic sluggishness and the public's widespread impression that Obama has handled each of them poorly.

IBD/TIPP has been ranked as the most accurate presidential election poll for the past several elections. Nate Silver, writing for the New York Times, rated the IBD/TIPP poll as the most accurate of the 2012 cycle.

Voter's Remorse

The monthly national IBD/TIPP poll found that only 43% say they would vote for Obama if the 2012 election were held today; 49% say they'd vote for Mitt Romney. Only 46% of those from states that Obama carried two years ago say they'd do so again, given another chance.

Obama also received his worst rating since taking office in the IBD/TIPP Presidential Leadership Index, which currently stands at 41, making his lower than President Bush's at the same point in his second term.

Obama has tried to turn the tide of negative opinion by focusing on what he calls his economic achievements. Last week, Obama said in a speech that "every single one" of his economic policies is "on the ballot this fall."

That may very well be true, since the IBD/TIPP poll found that 74% say they place a "high importance" on the economy and jobs when it comes to their choice of candidates.

But it isn't likely to help Democrats running for Congress this fall, since only 31% of the public thinks Obama is doing a good job at creating jobs and growing the economy.

And while a 54% majority considers immigration of high importance, 63% of those polled oppose Obama's plan to use executive action on immigration after the November elections.

ObamaCare Less Of An Issue

Obama's unpopularity is clearly affecting voters' plans this fall. Twice as many say they are less likely to vote for a candidate who supports Obama (34%) than those who say they are more likely to do so (16%).

More favor GOP control of Congress (49%) than Democratic control (43%). And the GOP now has a slight edge over Democrats as being the party best able to handle the problems of today (43% to 40%).

ObamaCare, on the other hand, seems to be fading as a top issue. Just 46% say that it's of "high importance" in deciding their vote. And it's Democrats who are more likely to say this. While 56% of Democrats rate it of high importance, 45% of Republicans and 35% of independents do.

But opposition to ObamaCare continues to run high, with 53% saying that they oppose the law.

Obama's low approval comes despite the public's more upbeat view on the economy.

While 47% said that the country was still in a recession in September, just 39% say it now. Just 46% thought the economy was improving in last month's poll, but 53% now say it's improving.

And while a minority still thinks the country is moving in the right direction, that number ticked up as well this month, going from 34% to 41%.

Yet the share who say Obama is doing a good job at handling the economy (32%) has remained essentially unchanged.

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